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About MarkVolt

MarkVolt - a marketing agency constituted to strengthen and fuse-up your Brand Mark. Let us out-pace your competitors with tactic, modernized formulations and upgraded scenarios came from our creative, expertise business Minds. Our clients defined us as one stop solution for all your business needs.

Our Story

At point of initiation of our organization we explored a lot about all the things that influences contemporary businesses. At the end of our research we found a crucial truth even well- structured, ambitious organizations also missing their ultimate targets. A question arises in your minds WHY?  We found problems exactly they are;

  • Failed in creating Brand awareness
  • Following unstructured marketing strategies
  • Lack of knowledge about promoting channels where crowds of audience exist.


People have to reach different service providers for the above issues they are facing. So we came up with a solution Called MARKVOLT. A single- click solution for Branding, marketing and promotional needs of your Business.

Simply we are providing a salad that can satisfies our clients’ Business hunger.


Our conflict is switching to a Globalize audience’s attention, commitment and trustworthiness. Globalizing our MARK strategies to serve you better.



“Imagine you rattle your success in a ground breaking way”

Individuals of various business categories can access to our inventive services from wherever in India. Amplify our services to turn into a Brand Ambassador for India nationally and globally.


We analyse your needs and expectations. We present you with the opportunities and benefits to possessing a website, as well as other forms of advertising. We suggest the best solutions and we determine whether the Content Management System is necessary in the context of your business.

Graphic concept

Once we receive the requirement, we proceed and prepare the creation of the graphical concept. The concept encompasses all the elements which will not only represent your business, but will also draw in new customers. Throughout this process we continuously liaise with you, and aim to exceed your expectations.

Finishing touches

We ensure the fine details of the page are precise and there are no errors within the code. First the website is launched under a test address and then with your approval we place the website under the live domain. We integrate your social media and we offer additional promotional services, for instance SEO Positioning in Google. Finally you now have access to your ready-made website.